Before you start planning any kind of event, the first thing to do is define your event goals and objectives.

Many contractors dive right into planning without even considering this crucial bit of information. So explain to us the 'WHY' of your event.

Setting event goals and objectives will actually make planning your event much easier.

When calling us; we’ll start with the steps to look at your goals and objectives for the event, and then we’ll give you a few examples for a bit of inspiration.
We work on three pillars:
1. Event Objective and Event Goals
The terms “goals” and “objectives” are often used interchangeably. However, they each have distinct meanings:
- Goals are usually specific and measurable.
- Objectives are the strategies and steps that you use to reach your goals.

2. Event Objective Impact
- Why are you having this event?
- Why are you inviting attendees to your event?
- What are the key things you want an attendee to walk away with?
- How will you specifically measure your success?

3. Questions we'll ask you:

  1. 1. Cost per customer acquisition
  2. 2. Total number of qualified leads acquired at the event
  3. 3. Sponsors highly rank their satisfaction with the event
  4. 4. Individual promo code tracking link performance
  5. 5. Gross revenue
  6. 6. Total number of registrations
  7. 7. Social media mentions using designated event hashtag on each platform
  8. 8. The majority of attendees polling highly satisfied with event speakers
  9. 9. Number of total active community members after an event (compared to the total number before the event)
  10. 10. Numerical results from attendee satisfaction surveys
  11. 11. Number of total event check-ins compared to registrations as a percentage
  12. 12. Net Promoter Score
  13. 13. Event community engagement online as measured by social media interactions OR specified activity on event app
  14. 14. Live event app polling
  15. 15. Social media posts, likes, and shares pertaining to the event
  16. 16. Ticket sales and individual ticket type performance
  17. 17. Cost to revenue ratio
  18. 18. Individual sponsor page engagement on the event website
  19. 19. Number of repeat attendees (for recurring events)
  20. 20. Total new customers acquired

Together we build your event planning strategy.


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